Targeted Metagenomic Profiling

To support its research, Vaiomer has developed a unique expertise in the metagenomics study of challenging tissues with low bacterial content.
We now offer to the scientific community our strong expertise in 16S rDNA qPCR quantitation and 16S targeted metagenomics sequencing of many challenging samples including:

For human or animal:

  • Feces
  • Intestinal content and mucosa,
    intestinal segments
  • Blood, blood fractions
  • Liver, bile, ascite
  • Adipose tissues
  • Muscles
  • Heart
  • Brain
  • and more

16S targeted metagenomic sequencing

Using state-of-the-art technology, Vaiomer applies 2x300 paired-end Illumina® MiSeq® technology to amplify the V3-V4 regions of the 16S rDNA gene  with universal bacterial primers, in order to optimize specificity and sensitivity.

Vaiomer has performed extensive in-house testing and controls to generate high quality and sensitive profiling data (Lluch J et al., PLoS ONE, Nov 2015). This level of accuracy is ideal for a range of applications, including clinical research.

Vaiomer is now offering its in-depth expertise in targeted metagenomics ranging from tissue-specific sample DNA extraction (including specific optimizations for challenging tissues), to its integrated bioinformatic/biostatistic pipelines. Data analyses can be tailored depending on the clients’ needs to produce ad-hoc figures ready for publications.

16S metagenomics on diverse tissue samples


16S rDNA qPCR quantitation

This assay was developed to quantify bacterial DNA in demanding samples, for which detection is particularly challenging because of the low bacterial load.

16S rDNA qPCR quantitation assay allows for the quantification of bacterial 16S rDNA in whole blood, blood fractions and most tissues, using small amounts of biological material. This assay is very robust with high yield, sensitivity and reproducibility.


16S qPCR quantification in blood

Patients with liver fibrosis have more bacterial DNA in blood.
Lelouvier et al., Hepatology, Dec 2016.


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