Biomarkers development

BiomarkersBased on the causal role of tissue and blood microbiota in the initiation of cardiometabolic disorders and neurodegenerative diseases, Vaiomer is developing blood biomarkers to diagnose, stratify and predict the disease and its complications as well as companion biomarkers to validate the therapeutic efficacy of treatments.

These biomarkers include, but are not limited to, blood bacterial DNA and can be detected with high sensitivity in a small volume of blood (200 µl or less), which is easy to collect.

Bacterial DNA based biomarkers can be quantified by 16S rDNA qPCR and analyzed by 16S metagenomic high throughput sequencing to obtain tailor-made, non-a priori biomarkers based on the profile of bacteria present in the patient’s blood.

In view of the suggested role played by bacterial translocation in liver disease and obesity, Vaiomer investigated the relationship between blood microbiota and liver fibrosis in patients with severe obesity. A specific bacterial signature of the disease was found and could be used as a biomarker to diagnose the disease and its severity.

Read more: Changes in blood microbiota profiles associated with liver fibrosis in obese patients: A pilot analysis. Lelouvier et al., Hepatology, Dec. 2016


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Bacterial taxa discriminating fibrosis vs control