In addition to Targeted Metagenomic Profiling, Vaiomer offers assays of Bacterial Translocation Markers.


Lipid ABlood endotoxin assay:

Vaiomer performs endotoxin quantification in serum/plasma (human or animal) based on the Limulus amaebocyte lysate (LAL) kinetic chromogenic methodology.

This test includes the measure of endotoxin concentration against a standard curve of a known endotoxin concentration.

The LAL kinetic chromogenic methodology is based on the interaction of endotoxins (LPS) with the proenzyme Factor C found in circulating amebocytes of the horseshoe crab Limulus polyphemus.

The proteolytic activity of this proenzyme is activated in the presence of LPS.

The Chromogenic Limulus Amebocyte Lysate assay dynamically measures endotoxin levels by measuring the activity of this protease in the presence of a synthetic peptide-chromogen complex that releases after proteolysis a yellow color that can be measured by reading over time the absorbance at 405 nm.

In order to overcome the frequent interferences present in plasma or serum samples, Vaiomer has optimized the assay by combining pretreatments with dilutions (at least 3 dilution points per sample) and interference testing to ensure that interfering factors do not impair the measurements.


Cytokine, host protein assays

The key to the understanding of the impact of microbiota on human health is not only to assess the modification of the microbiota implicated in a phenotype, but to understand how the host, and in particular the immune system, reacts to this modification of the microbiota.
To assess this, Vaiomer performs Elisa tests directed against certain cytokines and host proteins interacting with bacterial products such as LBP (LPS binding protein) and soluble CD14.


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