Vaiomer’s microbiota and microbial translocation assessment services are designed to answer your research needs:

  • Describe the profile of microbiota in studies of disease mechanisms, in clinical & basic research
  • Analyze intestinal microbiota, bacterial translocation, and blood & tissue microbiota in diseases such as cardiometabolic diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, chronic gastrointestinal diseases, colon cancer, HIV, etc
  • Identify biomarkers to diagnose, stratify & predict
  • Characterize the response to candidate neutraceuticals in preclinical & clinical studies

Whether you wish to perform your first pilot study on a few mice samples, or your clinical study, you can be assured of the support of our senior scientific experts from the design of your microbiota study to the thorough analysis of your data.

We deliver comprehensive reports organized in a way to facilitate the exploitation of the big amount of data generated during your study, including figures ready for publication.

We will still be there if you need help in the writing of your articles, reports, projects, etc.

Our commitment is to highest standards in quality, service and client confidentiality.


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