The team

The Vaiomer personnel were trained in world-class institutions and have proven expertise in the following areas:

  • Biomarker and therapeutic target discovery
  • Development and implementation of real-time qPCR assays for bacterial biomarkers
  • DNA and RNA sample preparation for NGS HT DNA sequencing and transcriptomic analysis
  • Bioinformatic and biostatistical analysis of metagenomic and transcriptomic data
  • Diabetes mouse models
  • General molecular biology and cell biology skills


Hilmar Schmidtle
Benjamin Lelouvier
Chief Scientific Officer
Anne Deflisque
Sales & Marketing Director
Florence Servant
Bioinformatics Team Leader
Bérengère Coupé
Senior Scientist


Jean-Louis Insonere
Lab Engineer
Tabatha Bulach
Lab Technician
Virginie Rivière
Lab Technician
Amirouche Ouzerdine
Bioinformatics Engineer
Sébastian Van Blerk
Bioinformatrics Trainee
Gwenolah Annonay
Lab Technician
Nathalie Benaily
Quality Manager
 Alain Roulet
Lab Manager