The team

The Vaiomer personnel were trained in world-class institutions and have proven expertise in the following areas:

  • Biomarker and therapeutic target discovery
  • Development and implementation of real-time qPCR assays for bacterial biomarkers
  • DNA and RNA sample preparation for NGS HT DNA sequencing and transcriptomic analysis
  • Bioinformatic and biostatistical analysis of metagenomic and transcriptomic data
  • Diabetes mouse models
  • General molecular biology and cell biology skills


Bruno Forgue
Benjamin Lelouvier
Chief Scientific Officer
Anne Deflisque
Sales & Marketing Director
Florence Servant
Bioinformatics Team Leader
Bérengère Coupé
Senior Scientist


Jean-Louis Insonere
Lab Engineer
Gaëlle Payros
Lab Engineer
Jérôme Lluch
Lab Engineer
Céline Garret
Lab Engineer
Stéphanie Delga
Lab Engineer
Amandine Broha
Bioinformatics Engineer