Microbiome analysis services: Vaiomer is committed to ensure the success of your microbiota study

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Microbiome analysis services: before the start of your project

Before working on your microbiome study, we take time to discuss your study setup whenever possible before sampling your biological material dedicated to the analysis of microbiota. We advise on the relevant tissues to include, the number of samples and the study groups to plan for, in order to maximize the chances of concluding on your scientific questions.

Would you need help to write your grant application, we provide assistance when it comes to microbiota analysis expertise.

Thanks to our experience gained over hundreds of projects, we guide you in the inclusion of relevant standards at the sampling stage and during the analysis process in our lab so that you can show and demonstrate the reliability of your study results.
We advise on the best way to collect, store and ship your samples, wherever you are located in the world. We are also used to assist the importation of samples from animal origin from outside EU.

When the design of your microbiota analysis project is ready, we prepare the project submission file that summarizes all information needed to complete your project. What group comparisons should be made? What figures do you need?

Ready to start your microbiome study with Vaiomer?

We prepare with your team the reception of your samples in our lab, and we let you know when they arrive, safe and sound!

At the arrival of your samples, the reception procedure begins: we check all the tubes against the sample list and make sure it is complete. In case of missing sample, or improper labelling, we fix the details with you: we want to assure you can properly interpret the results we deliver.

Now, our lab team can start working on your valuable samples!

We process your samples with our unique contamination-aware approach to guarantee the reliability of our measurements.

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Your microbiome study is completed

While the lab work is under way, the scientist in charge of your project meets with the bioinformatic team to transmit your project details. The bioinformatics team prepares, then performs the analysis of the data generated by the lab.

The scientist reviews all data and analyses, gathers figures and tables to illustrate your study, and prepares the report corresponding to your scientific questions.

Here we are! The report, data and images are ready to be delivered to you! You will be invited to a videoconference held by the scientific project manager. She/he will guide you through the data and results of your microbiome study and answer all your questions, would you be a microbiome expert or a beginner.

Need help to valorize your microbiome analysis results?

With your study results in hands, it’s your turn to work on exploiting them! You might need help for the valorization of your project, Vaiomer team of experts supports you all along the way to success.

To explore your microbiome analysis data

Our Vaiomer experts guide you. Many questions and new needs may arise: for example, if you need to exclude samples from the dataset, the bioinformatics team can reprocess diversity and statistical analyses.

Publication writing, microbiome expert look

We are keen to have a look at your draft, or your presentation, to pre-review the microbiome part or the material and methods. A tough question from a reviewer? We can assist you with the reply. 

It’s your first microbiome study, and you want to present at a conference? Let’s have an expert look at your microbiome slides!

Microbiome expertise in your research topic

If your need assistance to draw up scientific conclusions in your field of application, our scientists can review the literature for you, and compare your study results to what is known in your area of interest.


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VAIOMER Experts’ Highlights

The human tumor microenvironment is colonized by cancer type–specific bacteria and fungi
Several studies have shown the importance of the gut microbiota in cancer progression and treatment response. More

The human tumor microenvironment is colonized by cancer type–specific bacteria and fungi

> The human tumor microbiome is composed of tumor type-specific intracellular bacteria. Nejman et al., 2020, Science.
> Pan-cancer analyses reveal cancer-type-specific fungal ecologies and bacteriome interactions. Narunsky-Haziza et al., 2022, Cell.

Microbiomes modulate the local immune response, influencing immunotherapy response and toxicity
Immunotherapy has revolutionized the treatment of several cancers. However, it remains elusive why only some patients benefit from these treatments and why some patients experience immune-related adverse events (irAEs). More

Microbiomes modulate the local immune response, influencing immunotherapy response and toxicity

> The role of gut microbiome in modulating response to immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy in cancer. Naqash et al., 2021, Ann Transl Med.

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