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Microbiome analysis for convincing data

Our contamination aware approach is crucial

By carefully controlling for contamination at every step of microbiome analysis, we provide reliable data that reflect the actual bacterial load of tissues rather than contaminants.


Vaiomer microbiome analysis stimulates the discovery

of new disease mechanisms, new biomarkers to contribute to personalized medecine, new pathways to identify novel therapeutic targets.

Microbiome analysis applications

Blood and tissue microbiota in health and diseases

Cardio - metabolic diseases

Liver diseases

Gastrointestinal disorders


Neurodegenerative and mental disorders

COVID, HIV & infectious diseases

COVID, HIV & infectious diseases

Autoimmune and inflammatory diseases


Kidney diseases

Microbiome in early life

Vaiomer microbiome expertise

Exploring the circulating and tissue microbiomes

Beyond the human gut microbiome

The microbiota is not only located in the gut. It expands to every part of the body, ranging from very high to very low bacterial biomass. Learn more by travelling through our microbiome atlas.

Vaiomer tailor - made metagenomics

Challenging low bacterial biomass samples are now accessible thanks to our specifically optimized and contamination-aware metagenomic workflow. Discover our microbiome analysis services.


The early explorers of tissue microbiomes

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Learn about the gut, blood and tissue microbiota, the link between gut dysbiosis and tissue inflammation, and discover how these microbiota positively or negatively influence our physiology and can cause disease


News and views

VAIOMER Experts’ Highlights

Mouse models with human microbiome
Vaiomer and Physiogenex are proud to announce the launch of the TRANSBIOTIC project, to develop and validate mouse models with human microbiomes for evaluating therapies targeting metabolic and inflammatory diseases. Thanks La Région Occitanie-Pyrénées-Méditerranée for its support !

Mouse models with human microbiome

Physiogenex, a leading preclinical contract research organization specialized in metabolic diseases and complications, and Vaiomer, a pioneer company in the field of microbiota, launch the TRANSBIOTIC project: a new research project to transplant mice with human fecal microbiome isolated from patients suffering various metabolic and inflammatory diseases.

Metabolism and obesity: influence of prebiotics, probiotics and symbiotics on microbiomes and liver health
Yde et al., explored the changes in the microbiota composition and metabolite levels induced by pre- and/or probiotic in an HFD mouse model. More

Metabolism and obesity: influence of prebiotics, probiotics and symbiotics on microbiomes and liver health

Polydextrose with and without Bifidobacterium animalis ssp. lactis 420 drives the prevalence of Akkermansia and improves liver health in a multi-compartmental obesogenic mice study: Yde et al., 2021, PLoS One.

Metabolism and Major Depression: Blood microbiome and metabolome exploration
In this article, Ciocan and colleagues explored the blood microbiome and metabolome in patients with major depressive episodes (MDE) before and after treatment and compared them to healthy controls. More

Metabolism and Major Depression: Blood microbiome and metabolome exploration

Blood microbiota and metabolomic signature of major depression before and after antidepressant treatment: a prospective case–control study: Ciocan et al., 2021, J Psychiatry Neurosci.